What is AWHI?

The Arkansas Women’s History Institute promotes the history of Arkansas women — past, present, and future. Through workshops, lectures, and symposiums, AWHI works to encourage the study of Arkansas women’s history by both scholars and the general public. The Susie Pryor Award, given annually at the Arkansas Historical Association Annual Meeting, honors the best unpublished essay on topics in Arkansas women’s history. Projects like the traveling exhibit, A Gathering of Women, celebrates the accomplishments of Arkansas women in the 20th century. Through the support of members and institutions in Arkansas and around country, AWHI is able to advance the diverse and rich story of Arkansas women.

Our Mission Is To:


  • Heighten public awareness of the historic roles of women in Arkansas.
  • Increase awareness of the ethnic, racial, regional, and class diversity of Arkansas women.
  • Discover and inventory sources and publications by and about Arkansas women to benefit researchers.
  • Encourage and facilitate scholarly research about women’s contributions to the state’s history.
  • Empower today’s women to action through the knowledge of their own history and cultural achievements.

Click here to see a copy of the AWHI Brochure.